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Ondra Žižka on Stack Exchange
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Some of my hobby projects

  • JBake - I have chimed in, added support for Texy. Hope they will merge some of my PRs.
  • CSV Cruncher - Use your CSV files as SQL tables.
  • JUnitDiff - Create comprehensive brief comparisons of test runs.
  • IRC Appender - Print Java logging messages from java.util.logging to IRC.
  • JTexy - Java port of a superior markup language Texy!.
  • YAML-merge - A tool to merge (overlay) YAML files.
  • MavenHoe Creates a Maven repo from a dir with dependencies (e.g. lib/), with loose version matching.
  • video-scripts - FFmpeg shorthands.
  • SpeechBot - A bot that reads IRC messages with synth voice.
  • Switch Tool Linux Alternatives-like tool to switch between versions of the same application.
  • nexus-repository-indexer Utilities for generating index files from Nexus metadata databases.
  • JawaBot Universal pluggable IRC bot with web UI and a database backend.
  • maven-replacer2-plugin maven-replacer-plugin with back-references.

About this site

Once I had a spectacular site, a blogging platform written in PHP, then I migrated to Java, hosted on OpenShift.
But I didn't have time to keep up with ever changing environment,
so I migrated to JBake and static files.

If you're looking for the former content, I will add it here once I add JTexy support to JBake.
Edit: I have added JTexy support to JBake :) However, it doesn't generate directory indexes.
I need to implement this.
Until then, the pages are only available in the loooong listing in the home page,
and some links here, some of them in czech: