Feature request discussion: Result sets stored in @variables


I got over several weeks of stored routines developement, and the most missed feature was a seamless mechanism for
- calling routines with a resultset in a parameter,
- retrieving a result set coming stored procedure,
- and eventually, for keeping a resultset somewhere without need to create a table.

All of this would be possible if we could store a resultset in a variable. So I have stated a feature request, not yet submitted to a buglist. First I would like to know others' oppinions and suggestions, because I am not much familiar with other DBMS.

I guess that such functionality would not be easy to implement and is not likely to appear soon. But it would be a giant leap for MySQL's stored procedures programming.

Here is a brief overview:

Create the result set and store it in a variable.

SELECT * FROM table1 INTO @resultset;
– or – SET @resultset = (SELECT * FROM table1);

Pass the result set into a stored procedure.

CALL StoredProcedure( @resultset );

Retrieving a result set from a stored procedure

CALL StoredProcedure() INTO @result; – or – SET @result = (CALL StoredProcedure());

More detailed formatted draft is here: http://ondra.zizka.cz/…ariable.texy

Now – what do you think? Would this ease your SP developement? Is there some better concept?

Thanks for comments.